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  • New starter packs landing in the EVE Store Tuesday, Dec 06 2022 11:00AM
    Rising Capsuleers, Starter packs have long given new pilots a boost to their early journey through the New Eden star cluster. With immediate effect, however, the established starter packs have been replaced with new editions, each having been revised to better serve the needs of today’s ambitious pilots. Four packs are now available, from the […]
  • Community Beat for 2 December Friday, Dec 02 2022 5:00PM
    Greetings Space friends! It's time again for another episode of the Community Beat! The universe has seen a plethora of events happen over the last few weeks and having to only pick a handful of them is always an incredible challenge! Alliance Tournament XVIII – Winners and Losses! The last community beat was published between […]
  • Empire Frontiers Thursday, Dec 01 2022 11:00AM
    Triumphant capsuleers, Across the cluster, loyal capsuleers have risen up and supported their empires in the race to obtain and leverage exciting new technology. These goals were achieved through capsuleers taking part in Factional Warfare, exploration (hacking), and mining activities within the hottest warzones. Mounting tensions due to these conflicts have led to seismic events […]

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