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  • State of the Union Wednesday, Aug 03 2022 4:00PM
    Warzone Capsuleers!   It’s been several months since Fanfest, where we announced major updates to Factional Warfare. Since then, there has been a lot of progress made to bring some of the ideas discussed during those presentations and roundtables to life. For those that want to revisit this topic from Fanfest, you can watch the EVE […]
  • The Foundation Day FFA Proving Ground Wednesday, Aug 03 2022 12:00PM
    Devoted Capsuleers, Amarr Foundation Day is here and it’s time for a free-for-all in the Proving Grounds. Four Capsuleers will enter, but only one will leave a victor! Choose from the Tormentor, Punisher, or Executioner and fit it with meta 0 modules, meaning Tech 1 only and no named modules. This event runs from 5-8 […]
  • Foundation Day Returns! Tuesday, Aug 02 2022 11:00AM
    Rejoice Capsuleers! Once again the faithful masses of the Amarr empire are assembling to honor Amarr Foundation Day, which celebrates the foundation of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok. The seven-day festivity takes place from 2-to-9 August, with pilots from across New Eden encouraged to make the pilgrimage and join in with the […]

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